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This is a static site served with nginx. If you haven't noticed, it's quite fast. The pages are delivered compressed, the images delivered in smaller versions when sensible, and no content is created dynamically. I write the site in markdown, and then use joeyespo's grip link to convert the markdown to something friendlier – github README looking pages.

It works for me because I like to be able to include code in my blog posts and I know how GitHub makes things look (and like it!).

I like to use this blog to try out new technologies, and this week I switched from using deploy scripts to publish this blog, to using Jenkins, a certified CI server (woot woot). Right now it's a pretty simple setup, with a pipeline that treats the master, develop, and any other branch on Github a little differently. When I push to develop, Jenkins grabs the Jenkinsfile from my repository and begins running the pipeline. It builds my site from the markdown files, using my old script, compresses things, and moves my current nginx config into place. Then it copies the zipped site to the staging site if I am on the develop branch, or the production site if I am on master. Pushes to other branches result in a build, but don't deploy to staging or prod. My staging site runs on the main site and is protected with basic auth. My whole site is on GitHub, including the Jenkinsfile and nginx config - please have a look at it if you like.

Even without a full suite of tests I have already appreciated the peace of mind that comes with seeing a site in staging before the production push. Missing image files on new blog posts (gotta do that git add) get me everytime, and seeing their lack of presence on the page in staging is so much less stressful than noticing it in production and hoping nobody important is on the site.

I love that Jenkins has streamlined what was becoming a rather convoluted process. It's a powerful tool and I plan to do a lot more with it very soon. First up on that list – parallelization and not rebuiling unmodified pages.

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