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This page aggregates public and private posts I've made on Facebook that got over 25 likes. Some posts are old and I might not necessarly agree with them anymore. All the same, here they are.


Hot takes on the Trump "Beheading"

  1. Where are the free speech advocates now? Ya'll righties are some snowflakes.

  2. Remember that time when POTUS called up a known mass murderer in the Philipines and congratulated him on murdering 9,000+ people?

  3. Remember how the first country Trump visited was Saudi Arabia? And how he made a weapons deal with them? Yea, the Saudi's. That country that beheads more people than ISIS.

  4. Remember when he was like, “Saudi Arabia’s Vision for 2030 is an important and encouraging statement of tolerance, respect, and empowering women...” You would never have known that women in the Kingdom still can’t drive.

  5. Yo, yo - Central Park Five??? Literally he encouraged the murder of 5 innocent boys (oldest was 16. 2 were 14).

  6. Oh, oh and when he was like "rough him up" at a rally, "I'll cover your legal fees." And then how there was a wave of hate crimes after his election...

Yeaaa, I'm gonna go with: sorry bruh, you kinda had it coming, shake it off snowflake.


Since everybody is proudly announcing graduating, I feel like proudly announcing that I graduated 6 months ago. There you go. It's been proudly announced.


CIA potato with a fully evolved eye is watching you.


Waking up thinking about how Frederick Douglass has done an amazing job.


Hi guys - If you want to participate in #boycotttrump but aren't sure which companies are being boycotted text the name of the company to 614.763.6678. I built a thing that will text you back info about the company


Bout to take my last final ever. Don't worry, I brought enough party hats for the whole class.


Wanna hear something trippy?

According to the Ohio Revised Code (the cool kids call it the ORC), a person is dead if they have no heart function OR no brain function.

According to the Heartbeat Bill* a fetus is alive if it has a beating heart.

Did they forget that someone who has no brain function is dead according to the other Ohio laws? Maybe it's a Schroedinger thing. The fetus is alive AND dead.

*a refugee of the US constitution that Ohio has chosen to harbor


Today was the last day of class for one of my CSE classes. A minute before the final bell my teacher asked if he could "try something". He then went around the room umming, hmming, and ultimately mispronouncing or failing to recollect the names of each of my classmates.

Some of my favorite interactions?

"hmmmm. Pris?" "No, it's Chris" "Last name?" "Price" "Price! See I knew the last name"

"Nick" "No" "Jim?" "No" "I don't know your name"

"Dillon! We have two Dillons right?" "Well, Dillon is his first name but my last name. my first name is..." "Awesome. Knew we had two Dillons"

"Which one is Max Buck?" gives peace sign "Knew it."


There are a lot of you upset about the Trump protests that have been going on. There always seems to be a lot of people upset about any type of protest. A lot of you who are upset are Christians - a fine religion with some good stuff in it.

A few days ago I re-watched "The Prince of Egypt" a rendition of the book of Exodus, one of the books in the bible. Exodus is a story about Moses, a Hebrew man raised as the son of the Egyptian Pharoh. While Moses leads a life in the lap of luxury, the Hebrew people live in bondage. After flying into a rage and killing an Egyptian man who is beating a Hebrew man, Moses flees to the desert where God talks to him. God lets Moses know that he will be the one to free his people.

God tells Moses that he's going to give the Pharoh twelve tries to do the right thing and let his people go. Each time Moses asks and Pharoh says no, God will send a new plague. So Moses asks nicely at first, albeit with a staff that turns into a snake. Then God turns the Nile turn to blood. Of course, this upsets the Egyptian people and Pharoh, but the Pharoh refuses to listen.

So then God sends Frogs, then Lice, then Flies, he kills their livestock, he gives them boils, he makes a thunderstorm of hail and fire that burns homes and businesses to the ground, he sends hundreds of thousands of locusts, and then he cuts the lights out.

And to each one of these things, Pharoh says, no, I will not let your people go. So God kills Pharoh's firstborn son. And then Pharoh listens.

Don't be like the Pharoh.

You can be upset by the staff turning to a snake (or a football player refusing to stand for the anthem) and you can refuse to listen.

You can be upset at the river of blood (or your roads being filled with Black Lives Matter protesters) and you can refuse to listen.

You can deal with the frogs (a sea of us showing that we will not bow to bigotry and hatred) and refuse to listen.

You can deal with the boils (boycotts of your businesses) and refuse to listen.

But if you, for one second, think (right or wrong) that your livestock are not next (property -- smashed car windows, looted businesses, (and you're damn right it has started)). Remember that this will not be the last plague.

Don't be like Pharoh. It's time to listen.


I made a status yesterday about the male contraceptive test that was shutdown because health risks to the patients. It didn't get a lot of support, and the reason was because I didn't adequately understand the reason people were upset. Thanks to the folks who took the time to discuss on my status, I think I understand better, so thank you.

When I read articles and immediately jumped to the defense of folks in the trial tests, I unfairly assumed that people were trying to turn back the hands of time when it came to ethical treatment of patients, when in reality, people are mad that women have not and are not given the same respect by the medical community as men are. And they're right.

It's easy to latch on to something that makes you feel indignant like I did (and will surely do again someday), but almost always, when I do, it's because I've mischaracterized the viewpoint that upset me. Happy Friday, go make the world a better place.


I've run out of paper in my last notebook. Since I plan to graduate in December, I've decided to do my Computer Science homework on the back of old midterms from now until I graduate. I've written, "reused paper, thanks for helping me save some trees" on the front of the first homework I plan to do this for.

Admittedly, the real reason has more to do with me not wanting to go to CVS right now. But you guys won't tell anyone, will you?


Gary Johnson is an idiot, you guys should know that by now. He's not an acceptable protest vote unless you're leaning toward Trump in which case he's a very fine choice indeed.

Prediction: Johnson's polls go up because of the exposure, and because people can "relate" to him because they can't name a world leader either.

Don't know about you, but I don't hire a plumber because I relate to his inability to unclog a toilet


I think Trump's worldview is much like that of the "world traveling" college student who jumps from country to country paying to do expensive things that most local folks will never do. He is the New York tourist who never leaves Times Square.

For Trump, winning is not being Australia (country with the largest middle class). It's not being Norway (highest literacy rate). It's not being Switzerland (highest average wealth). It's not being Denmark (the happiest country). It's not Japan (the healthiest large nation).

It's being Qatar.

Qatar, as Trump pointed out, has great airports. It also has slavery and public stonings.

I think Trump and I have different ideas about what winning means. He can shove his big building up his ass, cause it ain't what makes this country great.


The International Union of Police Associations locale charged with serving the Miami Dolphins is encouraging officers not to protect Dolphins players who will not stand for the anthem. How terrifying that some think police protection should be contingent upon political choices.

The Miami-Dade police have replied that they will do the job, regardless of the union's suggestion not to.


Happy first day of classes. Remember to take the beer out of your backpack and toss your books and pens in.

If you didn't don't worry. There will probably be someone in your class willing to spare a pen, and she might leave forgetting to take it, leaving you far more prepared for class 2.


Hi folks. Happy Saturday morning, hope it's as sterling and incorruptible as your hearts are.

Today I'm moving into a new place. I'm hoping to get things moved fast and furiously so that I can take a moment to decompress with the half dozen new folks who will be living with me. The house is great, and the people are even greater. If you're ever in Columbus, stop by our happy home for a Negroni and a good conversation.


So I've come back to Facebook for a moment to celebrate the Cavaliers with ya'll.

Before last night I wasn't sure how I'd feel if we ever won the NBA Finals. I thought, "Max, you're kinda crazy for putting so much effort into watching all these games. If we win, you'll be happy for a night and then move on with your life." I found out this isn't true. A full 24 hours later I still feel great. Not just happy. I feel inspired, changed even.

I don't know why it is that anyone works so hard at anything. Why anybody would try so hard for something. I don't know why anybody would put that type of work in for something that to most of the world is entirely trivial.

But when put like that, most things are trivial. From the time when I get up, to the time I go to bed, there is a rare moment that has meaning so profound that nobody would question it's worth.

Seeing the Cavaliers work so hard this season, and especially in the series with the Warriors really inspired me. I love that LeBron has no chill. I love that he cares so much. I love that Kyrie cares. And I love that so many players on our team took individual responsibility for winning this series. It is not cool to care about anything. Not about your job, not about your relationships, grades, morals, movie choices, and especially not about whether or not you win a ball game. But it sometimes pays of to give so many shits.

The curse is never lifted, just surmounted. Go Cleveland! Go be a champion.


I grew up in a Catholic family, and we practiced. Every Sunday I went to church at St. Pat's and ate donuts in the basement afterward. I ran around and played tag outside with the other little kids, and when my parents were done talking we went home.

I don't practice anymore. The beliefs of the Catholic church eventually began to differ sharply from my own, and when I went to college, I felt less at home in other Catholic churches then I did back at St. Pat's.

I do practice one thing though, and it's prayer. Despite a lack of belief in anything supernatural, I found at an early age that prayer works, so I still do it. You can explain away the magic if you want, or you can keep it if you prefer. Prayer is a time to reflect, ask questions, feel emotions we don't normally let ourselves feel. And when I pray, I get answers. Maybe they are from my inner self, my subconscious, God, a universal human consciousness. Maybe they are from simple sincere problem solving occurring in my conscious mind. It doesn't matter. But prayer does provide solutions. And when I find answers through prayer, I do not take the solutions lightly. I employ them, leveraging the power I have, and allowing good to work through me. Prayer is sincere and honest truth seeking.

So, I'm gonna ask our Republican congressman to pray a little bit harder. I'll be doing the same.

source: http://www.towleroad.com/2015/12/heres-how-the-2016-gop-candidates-reacted-to-the-san-bernardino-shooting-on-twitter/


Ug. Pray for this crazy country guys.

I'm really not sure what causes this insane and ongoing and violence here.

It might be all our guns. It might not be.

But, I really can see both sides for the first time, because I'm finally scared that I might be the next to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. And when I'm there, I guess having something to protect myself would be nice.

I also see the advantages of making sure others don't get them, but realize those in the first camp think it naïve to assume it's possible to get guns out of people's hands who shouldn't have them in a country where there are more guns than people.

It's really tough. It would be nice, if people didn't kill one another. Or at least not kill random people. It would even be nice to be able to empathize with a shooter, so I could have some way of knowing why the hell they do what they do. With the amount of mass shootings we have here, I think about the huge number of people who probably have THOUGHT about shooting up a place and decided against it. I'd like to talk to those people. I wonder what made them decide not to. Or want to in the first place.

I'm floored by the fact that I feel comfortable making a post like this DURING an active shooting in my own country.

But goddamn. This shit is fucked.


Hi guys. Hope you are all having a good morning.

I have been thinking about the tragedies in France and Beirut for the past few days. I've also been thinking about the ongoing war in Syria, and the US and French involvement there. I feel deeply for all of these innocent civilians. I feel even deeper for their families, friends, and children. To take an innocent life is a disgusting act.

As France and the US battle ISIS -- which they have been doing and will continue to do, we must rise above terror warfare. The US air strikes against the Islamic State have now been going on for almost a year. I read an article in the Guardian today, that cited 459 civilian deaths as a result of US bombing in Syria. 100 of those deaths were children. These, like those killed in France, are innocent people. We cannot go on accepting that we should tolerate violence in certain places.

Syria is at civil war, and has been for 4 years. More than a quarter million people have been killed so far. People are fleeing in droves. And finding a new home isn't easy when there is so many people who are fleeing. They have to go somewhere.

Sadly, the countries most able to take in immigrants are the least willing to do so. Here in Ohio, governor Kasich, a man who has gained a good deal of support in his bid for the presidency, has requested that Ohio be allowed to refuse Syrian's fleeing from this conflict. He does not have legal authority to keep Syrian refugees out, but his words send a message. And the message is "We hate you. We don't trust you. You'll never be one of us."

We're good people. Loving people. Accepting people. People who cherish safety, and freedom, and hard work. People who remember that we are not natives to this land, and have no claim to it. We have no authority to keep anyone out, least of all, people who are fleeing violence, collapsed infrastructure, and a cold winter ahead. But authority aside, we are moral people. People who are capable of loving till it hurts, of sharing till we're poor, of bending over backward for another human being.

Laws and policies change when hearts change.

Bend over backward for another human being today.


On Tuesday night I went to the OSU poetry Grand Slam to compete for a spot on the 2016 OSU poetry team, who will be competing in Austin Texas this year.

The slam was kickass, with a lot of really well put together poetry, and to make it even better, a great number of good friends showed up to cheer me on, despite me letting them know only a few hours before.

Here I am with the 4 other members of this year's team. I'm extremely excited to work with these people. This will be my third time as a member of this team, and also my third year as a student of our amazing coach William Evans, who has been fooled into postponing slam retirement for another year. Yippee!


My Aunt Isabel posted this as a comment to something this morning but I thought it was good enough to share as a post. My grandma is one of the most loving and open minded people I know. To be brave enough to keep an open mind, heart, hope for change, and still love your adversaries is pretty unique.

""I talked to our dear mom yesterday. I quote, "I think we need to go door to door with a bag and collect all the guns. Then we should only give a few back to those who can give a good reason why they need them." I shared her idea with the kids and they burst out laughing at the image of their sweet little grandma, toting a brown paper bag full of guns,at someone's door, "hello, dears," she'd day sweetly, "I'm here to collect your guns!" She had called me to tell me how nice she thought my senators were for refusing to give up on gun legislation. My kids said it will never happen, but I reminded them that their grandmother has somehow managed to live 87 years without becoming jaded. If she still has faith in humankind, maybe we can learn something from her wisdom.""

Stay cool guys.


Have an awesome week. Do good things, and make people happy. Your'e awesome.


Remember how everyone says your brain can't create new faces? It usually is in reference to a dream -- "people in your dream who you haven't met, you've see SOMEWHERE....your brain can't actually create new faces man."

Well guys, I call bullshit. In fact, I'm letting you know that that assertion is indeed bullshit. I'm a creative guy. I can think up a house I've never seen. I can think up a cartoon character I've never seen. I can draw a person I've never seen.

And last night, I dreamed 4 human faced fish swam up my toilet and started talking to me. They were incredibly cheerful, and surprisingly cute for toilet fish. They also had some cool things to say. But most importantly, I did not recognize a single face on any of their four heads. In fact, I would argue, that these faces, which were quite fishy, but also certainly human looking, could not actually exist in real life.

If you choose to argue back that I couldn't dream the color green without seeing it, or say that, I must have at least seen the fish somewhere, and maybe I saw the nose on one face and the lips on another you are going down a dark hole. I've seen a lot of shit.

Happy Monday team.


This guy. I met Jelly Bean a year and a half ago shortly after he moved from Chicago. I told him I was in the mood for some summer adventure and he told me he'd do a few victory laps with me. He was a little over 174,000 then. Today, he turned 185,000.

To celebrate we did a trip down to Pittsburgh to see Anna5 and some other cool poets. It was a gorgeous drive down I-70/76 and because Julia and Sydney decided to take advantage of the AC offered in Anna Wiese's car, Jelly and I got some bro time. 4 hours later we arrived in Pittsburgh, he a little older, me with windblown hair and one very red driver's side arm. I had a blast hanging out with my friends and got to do some really great stuff. The highlight was a poetry session in the biggest fountain in North America, but drag brunch was a close second.

After that we drove a little further West and met up with my cousin David and my Uncle Paul and his wife Swagata. Paul cooked up some juicy steaks and we all sat around and talked and told stories. It was really nice to see Paul again, and I had never met Swagata so it was a lot of fun to hang out with her. David has a cool 12th floor pad for the summer in Philly. He showed me all around the city, and made me run the Rocky steps with him. Then we fixed the liberty bell (always leave things better than you found them). Fitbit told us our 32,000 steps was a nationwide record, and noted that it actually counted double because the number of Fahrenheits was above 90. To cool off, we jumped in his car (gave JB a rest) and made it to Ocean City New Jersey where we took a splash in the Atlantic.

It was an awesome 185,000th mile weekend for JB. And he finally crossed the line on our way home from Philly today! On that last mile he slipped a wink to a Crown Victoria who was on patrol and reved all 4 cylinders of his 106HP engine in hopes of crossing the finish line at 100 miles per hour. Despite trying really really hard, ol Jelly Bean didn't quite make it. The odometer rolled over at at 88, which I let him know that given his age, engine size, and environmentally friendly disposition is quite respectable. Here's to many more grand adventures with you my friend, and all the wonderful people we spend time with along the way.

update Jelly Bean wants you to know the good kid maad city thing was his idea. (I tried to tell him he was facing the wrong way but he's shy about his driver side fender bender)


I had a really cool poetry session last night.

I went down to the park by my house to shoot around a bit. I started going down to this park near the start of the summer and met a guy named Tim who lives there. He has been under an overhang by the public restrooms ever since being displaced from his 8yr camp by the river. He is a good guy and usually after shooting hoops for a while I sit down in one of the lawn chairs he has bungee corded together. He has a beer and tells stories; I listen for a while and then walk home.

Yesterday he introduced me to his friend Adam who is also homeless. Adam had fun letting me know about the first time he met Tim (While Adam was in the middle of a super intense mushroom trip, Tim, unaware Adam was impaired, lead him on an epic journey along the riverside at night that culminated at Tim's camp), and this eventually lead to him informing me that he was a musician (guitar and drums), and Tim was a poet and journalist. He asked me if I was an artist and I let him know I enjoyed writing poetry and occasionally performed.

So Adam requested that I do a piece, and after more than a bit of pressure from him and an intense realization that I didn't really KNOW any of my pieces so I'd kind of have to make them up as I went, I did one. Tim was quiet and attentive throughout. Adam was actually, or pretended to be, completely blown away, hugging me multiple times throughout and applauding prematurely on a few occasions. My rendition of that first piece was not at all what I would have called a decent performance, in large part because I didn't really remember the words, and I was nervous, and the hugging was a bit distracting. All the same, the warm welcome really loosened me up and it felt great to spit a few words.

I asked Adam to do a song and he happily obliged doing three lyric dense heavy metal songs he had written after being inspired by the first Korn album -- I asked him what year that was but he said he didn't want me to know how old he was. They were all really fun songs with some cool rhymes and good lyrics. It also was super fun when he slammed on the concrete floor with his feet and did his drum solo on the metal pipe that holds up the roof of the overhang. Needless to say, I was inspired to do a few more poems. I did the whale poem after a while just for fun and about halfway through, Adam is, "MAAAN. That was some BULL. SHIT. ALL YOUR POEMS ARE SAD" This was approximately when the whale revealed he was dying -- but as Tim pointed out to Adam (in a much more forceful way), the poem wasn't over and I would actually consider the whale poem to be a rather uplifting and positive poem. I think Adam agreed by the time I finished.

Point is, it was a blast. Always fun to share art and especially at unexpected moments with unexpected people.


My neighbor and his girlfriend have many vicious arguments and it is often uncomfortable to hear their raised voices for prolonged periods of time through our duplex wall. I listen to make sure everything is under control and no violence is going on. So far, all has been fine.

That said I was seriously considering going over there tonight until I realized that tonights argument was over what the state capital of Georgia was. The capital is Atlanta. If anyone knows my neighbor Brock, please tell him. We are not Facebook friends and he seems to think it is Raleigh. His girlfriend is slightly more intelligent, or has discovered Google. Perhaps these things are one in the same.


I'm ashamed to say that upon finally getting my food at the Taco Bell I had waited in for 43 minutes and realizing my bag contained a completely different set of items than those I had mentioned wanting at the counter earlier, I passive aggressively took an enormous number of fire sauce packets.

As I begun my walk home I began to think about whether my protest had been in vain. I took (approximately) 87 packets of fire sauce which is created by mixing ketchup with black pepper. The combination is eerily similar to that of Heinz hot and spicy ketchup, which is sold in stores near you for just over 10 dollars. I knew enough lunch room trivia to know each of my packets had .32 ounces of stuff in it. Since the ketchup bottles contain 14 ounces, some strenuous mental math revealed I was walking around with the equivalent of 20 dollars and 44 cents of fire sauce in my pocket. I had profited!

Feeling proud, I rounded a corner and passed a woman who looked very sad. She walked past me, but then doubled back and shouted something to the effect of "Hey!" I turned around and she explained her husband had just punched her teeth out and she was on the run, worried about the rain, and concerned she now looked like a bum. She told me she was 14 dollars short of getting into a motel room.

Since all my money was currently tied up in taco bell packets I let her know we could go to the ATM. She broke down in tears and told me how awful a day it had been, the worst being spit on by a woman she had asked some kindness from. We got to the ATM and I got out 40 bucks. (I figured she could buy something to eat in the morning and I could just sell a few looseys in front of the McDonald's for spicing up big macs to make up my losses.)

I let her know some places she could go in Columbus for help and she asked me to text her their addresses so she wouldn't forget.

My thought for the day, it's wild how things work out. Something like getting slow service at a fast food joint and behaving even worse in response can end up working out for everyone.

Be nice to homeless people. These rainy days have made their days less than enjoyable.

PS: DM or comment to buy some packets. All sayings available.


Just saw Jurassic World. Screw the haters, it was dope. I mean how you gonna go see an action thriller and not expect some cheese. You should relish the cheese! It's all part of the fun.

One big plot hole though.....

The film takes place over the course of 15 or so hours roughly estimating. During that time the female lead places at least 5 calls with a Samsung Galaxy. Those things simply don't have that type of battery life.

Oh well, at least the dinosaurs were realistic.


Just got carded at a German airport. They gave me the beer but not the hotdog. Hauskinder bis 12 Jahre apparently means something like "this is the kids section of the menu."


Never have I left this beautiful north american landmass I call my home. But today, with tears in my eyes, I bid farewell. With fellow brave explorers I leave for a land that may only exist in the folklore told by Franco-American dreamers. A land I have read about only on Wikipedia (and a few other less credible news sources such as CNN, FOX, and the New York Times).

We call our ship United 8837. It is named after the airline we fly on and has a number appended to the end. This is the ancient system the IATA have put in place for keeping track of where they put people. The flight number is odd because it is an outbound flight, and leaving a perfectly good place is an odd thing to do. The flight number is greater than 5000 because my flight is the result of a codeshare agreement. That means no airline wanted to be responsible if things went wrong, so multiple airlines teamed up in order to diffuse responsibility in case of a problem. (In my case Air Canada and United).

Some fear we may run headlong into the great glass tank that surrounds the continent, but I say, so be it. If it is true, that this land is inside a fish tank, I will be one proud fish to break it.

Once in France I will see Julia Ann and Rebecca Epperson, who have gone before me. We have been in electronic correspondence only but I hear they are doing very well. I am extremely excited to see them. There is more to say as always,but the day is short and I must climb the wing now.

Au revoir!


Just saw age of Ultron. Glad they saved the world. Think they could have done it without destroying all those CVSs though.


It's been a very noteworthy week. I spent a great chunk of it in Richmond Virginia at VCU with the Ohio State Slam Poetry Squad. Really proud of my whole team. We performed our poems really well, and got to bump shoulders with writers from all over the states and a few from Toronto. Lot's of great new people and a few old friends too. Thanks a lot friends for all the support. Poetry is the best.


Students looking for degrees. Ain't none out here.


What a great night. Rebecca Epperson, Ben Schumann,Ben Gorski, Erik Thiem, Ryan C Hogan, Sarah Gray, Rick Straka, Matthew Rymont, Karen Kuhn and Jason Stone came out to snap and stuff and then young Mike Alquist turned up even after saying he couldn't make it. It was totally awesome.

The slam went well and I'll be representing Ohio State at the CUPSI slam in Virginia! Congrats to the rest of the team, Anna Wiese, Anna Voelker, Xavier Smith, and Sydney Lee.

Thanks everyone for the support along the way, you folks are the greatest.


"This is an experiment to see who reads my wall and who just scrolls... "

First, of course people read. Why would anyone scroll without reading... That makes absolutely no sense. Your experiment is flawed! I did not comment or share because your post was spam not because I mindlessly scroll without actually reading my Facebook feed. Since I know my Facebook friends do the same I chose not to perpetuate spam culture. Thanks, have a nice day.


My eye doctor is very pessimistic for an optometrist.


Who remembers the Arthur episode about the green potato chip?


Just pulled my buck id keycard out to get into my home. How silly of me.


I just noticed the kid behind me in class is watching my computer screen, so I've decided to pull up some pretty weird stuff in the browser to make his day more exciting.