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Occassional ramblings from me, Max. I am a programmer, poet, and a friendly little guy from Cleveland. There are no ads on this site, no popups, no javascript, and no like or share buttons. There is however one little cookie that I hope you'll indulge in. Enjoy.


I have been using tensorflow to detect subject verb agreement errors

I have been spending the past few months using tensorflow to train natural language models. Here are some things I've learned.


Let's Continuously Integrate

Using Jenkins multi-branch piplelines to increase confidence in my deploys.


Why our Subject Verb Agreement model sucks

As I worked with Google's TensorFlow to detect subject-verb agreement errors in student sentences, I ran into some issues - most of them at the english language level.


When you just don't git it.

You know git is the right tool, but you don't know if you use it right. Here is my opinionated flow, some tips, and the reasons I like it.


I think we should be more ant-like!

Ants max out their efficiency and avoid central rule by relying on trust. Could we learn something from them?


Is Google Analytics really that slick?

Is tossing google analytics on your page really a good idea? Everything it collects is in your nginx access log and more.


What's with the new blog?

I ripped up my Wordpress site and replaced it with a skeletal roll-your-own static file CMS. What gives?


I clustered countries by Wikipedia references - here's what happened

Probably my favorite data visualization project. I clustered countries by their references to each other on Wikipedia, the results are pretty neat.


How many seasons are there really?

I couldn't wrap my head around why there are four seasons and not just 2. Here are my synthesized thoughts.


Background By Reddit

I wrote a lightweight script for streaming your favorite image subreddits as a desktop background.


Using the Json Api Specification, Part 2: NeoAPI

I continue to explore a new convention for implementing RESTful APIs.


Zip Code Magic

I built a python package for extracting information from zipcodes.


Using the Json Api Specification, Part 1

I explore a new convention for implementing RESTful APIs.


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